Институт по минералогия и кристалография
"Акад. Иван Костов"


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Гл.ас. д-р Христина Лазарова
Assistant Professor Hristina Lazarova, PhD

Институт по минералогия и кристалография "Акад. Иван Костов" - Българска академия на науките
Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography "Acad. Ivan Kostov" - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Place of birth: Parvomay, Bulgaria

Date of birth: 12.08.1981

Nationality: Bulgarian


2021 - PhD, Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry", Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2010 - Master degree in Medical Chemistry, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia


2022 – currently, Assistant Professor, Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography, Acad. Ivan Kostov", Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMC-BAS)


        Synthesis of micro/mesoporous and nanostructured oxides.

        Physicochemical characterization of modified materials (temperature gravimetrical analysis, temperature programmed reduction, infrared spectroscopy, UV-VIS spectroscopy, adsorption methods etc.).

         Investigation of catalytic properties of modified nanocomposite materials: Catalytic combustion of different volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for environmental protection;

         Investigation of the relation between catalyst composition, structure and catalytic behaviour.

        Genesis of the catalytic sites and mechanism of the catalytic processes.

        Preparation of new drug delivery systems on the basis of mesoporous silicas with different structure, morphology, particle size and surface functionality.

        Study on the optimization of the loading capacity and release properties of loaded drugs -antibiotics, glucocorticoids, anti-inflammatory non-steriods and antioxidants.


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