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Department "Mineralogy and Mineral Raw Materials"
Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihail Tarassov

The department has two main topics: "Mineral systems" and "Technogenic systems". The team is dealing with research using a systematic approach to mineral objects formed in natural gradient systems in order to develop genetic models and practical applications. The phase composition, quality and distribution of compounds in technogenic systems originating from the use of raw materials and their environmental impacts are objects of investigation. In addition, mineralogical data base have been completed and maintained. The major scientific subjects are: magmatic and metamorphic mineral associations, fluorite mineralizations, carbonate-hosted polymetallic deposits, oceanic metalliferrous sediments, platinum group minerals, heavy mineral concentrates, coals and waste products.

Department "Experimental Mineralogy and Crystallography"
Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladislav Kostov-Kytin

The department has two main trends: "Synthesis and crystallization of minerals and materials" and "Modeling of natural processes and systems". The team performs synthesis and crystallization of minerals and materials in model systems by studying the processes in products in gradient fields. The major scientific projects include: microporous materials, natural zeolites, tungsten minerals, bentonites, phosphorites, clay and zeolite based sorbents, titanium silicates, catalysts, laser grade single crystals, etc.

Department "Structural Crystallography and Materials Science"
Head: Asoc. Prof. Dr. Boris Shivachev

The department works in two main topics: "Crystal chemistry" and "Physics of minerals". The research activity of the team is directed to determination of the crystal structure and the phase chemical composition of single crystals, minerals and crystalline and polycrystalline materials. One performs geometric and crystal-chemical interpretation of crystal structures on the basis of crystallographic data for identification of crystalline phases. The team synthesizes new chemical compounds with previously specified structure and properties. It uses and develops physical methods for investigating and characterizing minerals and materials, systems and the processes of their alteration and modification. Bases of spectroscopic data on minerals are completed. The major scientific projects include: optical materials, new crystalline materials, Nd and Y alumino-borates, Pb molibdates, Pb-Sb-Cl-sulphosalts, glasses, urea derivatives, zeolite-type materials and thin films.